Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I am faced with my move to Sydney, Australia. It is in less than a month, and will happen on Valentine's Day.

I haven't really processed the information yet - it is hard to come to terms with it...I will be leaving a lot of what I love (and also a lot of what I hate) behind. Most importantly, I will be leaving my dear mother.

Of course, my most immediate emotion is excitement. I can't wait to start a new life in a new city with new people, but I am also filled with a sense of loss. I don't think I'll ever come back to live permanently in the house I am in, anymore.The little things that are mine now, like all my books, my framed pictures, the little knick knacks that I bought in flea markets whenever I found something cute, etc. My crumbled violin Rosin (Pirastro Goldflex) that I like to pick at when i'm bored, the box of coloured pencils I use on my wall sometimes, the old bicycle wheel that I'm hanging on my wall now, my (very expensive!) mirror...

Basically, those are all the things that made me comfortable in my own space. They made my space what it is now. I will have to start an entire new book collection, CD collection, picture album, etc. Everything new. Maybe even a new me?

I'm going to make a list of what I'm going to have to BUY (not BRING, note to self) before I leave.

A new laptop (a cool black thing from HP)

Three pen drives for all my written work (2 GBs each)

A new mic+headset thingy. A cute mini one if I can find one.

A new mouse so I don't wreck the touch pad of my new laptop

MAYBE a new phone because I'm using a dinosaur right now.

A set of new Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Strings

MAYBE a little tuner because my perfect pitch is becoming a bit imperfect

String Cleaner - A MUST

Develop some important pictures to go into case, eg. Mom, Kevin, music nerds :)

A small notebook for notes

2 pairs of normal simple everyday non-descript trousers (choose from brown, black, navy blue)

1 denim skirt

MAYBE one bag. Which will hold a small laptop. However, I do own that lovely Crumpler...perhaps bag scouting shall be done in Sydney.

Extra socks and underwear - A MUST

White T shirts (again, normal simple everyday non-descript ones)

Black T shirts (again, normal simple everyday non-descript ones)

Perhaps new pair of sandals as soles of current pair are kind of worn out after all that running on the beach

Flip Flops

So...thats what I have for now. Does anyone have any suggestions/additons? (email me! lol )

I went to this place called Low Yat Plaza today - its apparently the largest place where electronic buying and selling occurs, and I went to check out all the laptops there.

<---- Low Yat Plaza Entrance

It was pretty fun but I wish I brought a companion for opinions and a nice chat. And coffee. And since I was there till pretty late, dinner as well.
<---- Hawker

The plaza is at this place called Star Hill, and its very touristy and commercialized. There is a row of hawker stalls there that sells very high-calorie high-fat food - very delicious if enjoyed with a lot of chinese people who know how to order the good stuff.

It just doesn't work when I try to order in English. I need to bring a strong willed Chinese friend with me when i eat at hawker stalls. I didn't eat at a hawker stall today though - its no use going alone.

Anyway, thats that for today.

I ate sushi and grilled chicken and some salad for dinner today :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Waiting for you


Comeback Cry

Do they mean anything?

So she got lots of sympathy from fellow women, but is that what being a president is all about? What is she going to do when Congress doesn't pass one of her laws? Cry in front of 7000 people?

Is H. Clinton trying to challenge the Obama insurgency by crying buffalo tears and hoping for oestrogen-sympathy? If so, its a feeble gimic. If not, and if those tears were real (!), I think its highly unprofessional for her to tear up during a speech.

Gloomy Sunday


When will you turn around and notice the gifts I hold for you?

I'm afraid to talk to you now

talking to you only seems to distance me from you.

If I keep up this silence

will you leave it at that? will you just rest with my unwilling silence?

I'm afraid you might

All I can do in response then is try to break myself away to minimize my pain.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Ordinary Miracle - Charlotte's Web

Two things that touched me tremendously over the last few weeks.
Ordinary Miracle is a song by Sarah McLachlan, and Charlotte's Web is a movie based on a book I read when i was little.

I think a lot of things in my life are ordinary miracles, and I'm so lucky to be able to feel that way about anything.

A Poem

a shot of cool wind bites her.

she looks up.

she sees him walking away.

a black back,

head searching the ground for nothing.

invisible tears

drop heavily into rivers of their hearts.

she hears his pleasure moans in her memory.

he doesn't look back.

the black back moves hesitantly and surely.

he squeezes his body shut.

she discards of her mind.

they love each other so much.